Jets could have interest in Texas fullback

We recently caught up with draft expert John Murphy to get his thoughts on the prospects in the upcoming NFL supplemental draft. At the head of the class is University of Virginia linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

Q)Give us a scouting report on Brooks . . .

Murphy: He failed at least five, drug tests at Virginia. He was lazy and had no accountability. He did okay at his recent workout. You would need a strong veteran leader on defense to keep after him on the field and weight room. And then he would need to be kept on a short leash. He can play inside linebacker in 3-4. He can also can do some pass rushing off the edge. His personal trainer Chip Smith says he has grown up some in the past 3 months. His agent says he has passed 5 drug test in 10 weeks. He has second-third round talent. He is more likely to be a fourth-fifth round pick unless some team just loves him.

Q)What teams have shown the most interest in him?

Murphy: The New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans have all done extra home work on him.

Q)How many teams attended his workout?

Murphy: I don't have the exact total, but 31 was a BS number. I spoke to 3 teams and Chip it was not 31 out of 32... it was somewhere between 21-27.

Q)What are your thoughts on Texas fullback Armard Hall, perhaps the second best prospect in the supplemental draft?

Murphy: He is a little older, 26. He was in the Marines and then returned to college football. He was a big-time prep running back. He played with Quentin Jammer in high school. He ran 4.5's at his Pro Day. He is a very strong kid. He is very good on special teams. He is married, mature, and obviously a good worker. If you want a pounding fullback-type with a added dimension if you put the ball in his hands, you will like him. He is kinda like Jameel Cook who has been with Tampa Bay and now Houston. H e caught the ball very well at both workouts. Green Bay, Tennesee and Minnesota have shown the most interest.

Q)Where do you think of Iowa State's Jason Berryman and the JUCO kid, David Dixon?

Murphy: Berryman is a situational rusher kid. He is maybe a sixth or seventh rounder. Dixon's got great workout numbers and huge JC stats... so if he can run 4.5 or better at 6-2, 245, he could move up.

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