says Jets will be worst team in NFL

We would like to welcome sportscaster Greg "Pigskin" DePalma to the Jets Confidential family. "Pigskin" is going to be a big part of the message board community. DePalma is mad as hell at, and here is why:

This is the time of year when many publications and media experts will tell us who will make the playoffs and who will win the Super Bowl. Of course, President Bush stands a better chance of telling the terrorists when we are going to leave Iraq!! Pre-training camp predictions are ridicules and demonstrate a lack of creativity from producers and writers to give us something to really chew on.'s Gil Brandt says the Jets will finish dead-last, #32 in the NFL this upcoming season. Yes, that's right, worse than the 49ers and 15 teams worse than that football powerhouse, Ari-freaking-zona!!

Meanwhile over at that monopoly, ESPN, the leaderless in sports news, who was the genius in the prouduction room that came up with the brilliant idea to over analyze the entire 2007 NFL season 3 weeks before training camp opens? I mean does someone actually think any intelligent football fan cares who Mike Golic, believes is going to play in the Super Bowl?

Now while I understand I can be more critical than others on this subject, I do value your opinion. I'd like to see a list of your top 3 and bottom 3 football analysts in the biz. In other words, who would you trust the most with their expertise in truly knowing the game of football, and who do you think is a joke?

(Feel free to interact with "Pigskin" about this issue on our message boards.)

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