Q-and-A with Brian Schottenheimer - Part 1

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is the youngest man holding his position in the NFL at the age of 32. But he's seems up to the challenge, after a decade as an NFL assistant. Here is a recent conversation with Brian:

Q) Let's start off with the four quarterbacks. How are they looking?

Schottenheimer: You go down the list and all four guys have a quality that you really respect and you're drawn to -- their work ethic. They ask all the right questions. I'm enjoying working with them and I'm enjoying seeing how they handle the pressure of leading the team.

Q) Is this situation -- working with four QBs -- different from other QB situations you've dealt with in the past?

Schottenheimer: It is different. Usually you're trying to get two guys ready. But I think it's great. The one thing Coach Mangini talked about is that we're trying to create competition for every position, and the quarterback position is no different. They're just taking turns working with the first group. We rotate it by day, by practice, and I think it sets the example that it's going to come down to performance.

Q) Is it a big challenge for an offensive coordinator to balance all the reps?

Schottenheimer: Right now it's been fun to watch each guy get a turn, step into the huddle with the first group, and the very next day or two practices later he's with the last group. It's interesting to see those guys compete and raise the level of play of the guys they're working with, whether it's the first group or the third or fourth group.

Q) What is your philosophy on starting rookie quarterbacks?

Schottenheimer: I don't really have a philosophy on playing a rookie quarterback. The plan for any quarterback is that you want to play the guy that gives you the best chance to win. After we go through training camp, go through the preseason games, we'll have a good idea of who that is. Whoever that guy is determined to be will be the guy who plays.

Q) What specifically do you like about Kellen Clemens?

Schottenheimer: His work ethic. One thing I've talked to Kellen about is trying to find a routine. He's really bought into that: how you study, how you prepare, how you get your mind right before practice. He's done a terrific job. His personality is such that you can get on him and he's pretty laid-back. He's got the passion for the position.

Q) What have you seen in Chad Pennington so far?

Schottenheimer: I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for Chad ever since he came out to San Diego and beat us every year. My first contact with him was over the phone, and we had a great visit the minute he got back to town. We had a chance to spend a lot of time together and get to know each other. He's a tireless film guy, and he brings a ton of questions every morning. I'm excited to work with him and I'm looking forward to watching him compete in training camp.

We will have Part II on Thursday.

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