Has Pennington already won the starting job?

A high-ranking Jets official responds to the Star-Ledger story annointing Pennington the team's starting quarterback.

The following item appeared in today's Star-Ledger:

"Chad Pennington has won the Jets' starting quarterback job, according to a team official with knowledge of the team's plans.

"The official, who requested anonymity because coach Eric Mangini isn't ready to make a formal announcement, said the competition at quarterback is over.

"Pennington, the official said, has surprised the organization with his arm strength and accuracy, easily outdistancing himself from Patrick Ramsey.

"'We're surprised at the progress he's made," the official said. "No one expected him to be this far along this early."

We asked a high-ranking Jets official what he thought of the story, and it's accuracy.

Official: What do you think?

JC: Since training camp isn't even a week old, I would think it's hard to make a decision on a four-man quarterback competition in five days?

Jets official: Agreed

One Jets beat writer put it this way, "Do I think a coach as thorough as Mangini would decide who is starting without taking a single snap in a preseason game? Absolutely not."

So, it looks like the four-man quarterback competition is still up-and-running.

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