Martin speaks - says rumors are untrue

So what is up with Curtis Martin? Is he going to retire? Martin finally broke in silence on Wednesday.

So does he plan on playing this year?

"That is what I am working out for," said Martin. "That is why I am up here spending all of these hours rehabbing. That is why I am doing it. For me, it is about doing as much as I can to put myself in the best possible position to be at my best."

What about the rumors that his right knee is bone-on-bone?

"First of all, we are clearing up what some one made up or heard," said Martin. "I don't feel an obligation to clear that up. To the fans, I would like to say that I am trying to do my best to be as good as I can possibly be, and I am doing my best to be back as soon as I can possibly by back. I just don't know everything. That's it. I do not want to spend time clearing up rumors that did not come out of my mouth or that came from some one else's. I don't know how long it will take me. All I can do is keep working."

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