Pennington claims he had no set-back

Tampa Bay - After the Jets 16-3 preseason loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chad Pennington took a really long time to come out from the trainer's room.

How long? By the time he came out to address reporters, the Jets locker room was empty, and most of the team was waiting for him on the team buses.

It made the gathered reporters wonder if he had a set-back in his attempt to come back from a second major shoulder operation.

After all, he took a couple of big hits on the shoulder. The biggest hit was from safety Kalvin Pearson, on a blitz, and the play resulted in a second quarter fumble.

But when he finally came out to address reporters, he seemed in great spirits, and claimed there was no set-back.

"I took a few shots, but everything worked out fine," said Pennington. "The quarterback position in this league, you have to take shots. Everything is fine."

Pennington claims the exceedingly long time it took him to exit the trainers room, after the game, wasn't a bad sign. "I wasn't getting treatment," said Pennington. "I was just looking at the stats, taking my time."

Pennington finished the game 9-14 for 54 yards and a 71.7 quarterback rating. He did a lot of dinking and dunking, mainly on three stop drops, during his brief stint that lasted a little over a quarter.

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