Herm Speaks On...

The state of the defense: "On paper, we are going to be pretty good on defense, we look pretty athletic, especially in our front seven."


The health of Santana Moss: "Unless he turned his ankle or hurt his hamstring getting out of his car, I think he's doing ok. He's a guy who, obviously, we'd like to have for the whole year. He brings a different element to our offense."


The offensive attack: "There are going to be times when you see LaMont and Curtis in the backfield and you'll see Santana, Laveranues, and you'll see Wayne all in the game. That's a way to attack."


Chad vs Vinny: "Vinny gets evaluated in the regular season. Chad can't beat him out in the preseason, basically. There is no competition in the preseason for Vinny."


The health of Josh Evans: "Obviously he was working out, but working out an playing football are two different things. We'll work him into shape. He looks good, he's been bouncing around here, and he looks like he's ready."

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