Herm Speaks On...

Wearing pads the first practice: "I believe you should put pads on the first day, and get guys to understand how important it is. All of the sudden you put those pads on, and about halfway through the practice you really figure out whether you really like football or not. Because they become very heavy, and your focus and concentration kind of goes awry a little bit."


The fans: "I think our fans were a little bit in shock for the fact that they finally got to come into the inner-sanctum and it was quiet. I don't know if they were worried about saying something or not saying something. It was the quietest group of fans I've ever seen in my life.


Sam Cowart: "What I've seen is he's a very focused guy. He really is. He is a driven guy. He's a driven player, he's a guy that brings a lot of toughness."


Kevin Swayne: "Yeah, he caught a couple of balls, and has fresh legs. And I think mentally, he's more prepared now."


Santana Moss: "That's Santana Moss. He's electric that way. If he can get by a guy, if he gets a step, that guy's not gonna catch him. I can guarantee you that."

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