Pennington Off to a Good Start

Backup quarterback Chad Pennington is having a solid camp so far...

He attributes his good play to the extra work he got with the first unit this spring, while Vinny Testaverde was out recovering from foot surgery. While Chad admits that he still has a lot to learn, he shows confidence on the field and said "Every time I step out on the field I think of myself as the starter." Pennington will see a lot more time with the first unit in the coming weeks, as Testaverde recovers from his most recent injury, a thumb stinger. Of his latest injury, Testaverde told reporters he doesn't expect to miss too much time. "I could have finished the game if it was the regular season…I certainly should be back for the start of the season." Coach Edwards said that an MRI was performed and there was no break or fracture. Orthopedist Ken Montgomery will examine Vinny on Wednesday morning and provide additional information. The injury was suffered when Testaverde hit his thumb on a defensive player's helmet after his throw.

            Pennington's throwing shoulder was wrapped in ice after the morning practice, but he said it was routine maintenance...WR Laveranues Coles missed the morning practice with a sore heal…The afternoon practice was reserved for the special teams unit, and only lasted 45 minutes…Just 15 minutes into the practice, Herm stopped practice for a mandatory water break. The heat index this afternoon was between 100-105 degrees F.


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