Pennington reacts to winning the starting job

Chad Pennington's amazing comeback from two shoulder operations took a major step on Tuesday when he was named the Jets' starting quarterback.

Did Pennington even surprise himself with how far he's come so fast?

"I believed in the plan we had," said Pennington. "The organization did a great job looking at all the advice and expertise on shoulders and what to do with rehab, to really do the right things to get me playing back at a high level."

Now that Pennington has been named the starter, does he have to make up for lost reps with the starting unit? Up until this point, he had to share the reps with three other quarterbacks.

"Over the next week and a half we'll definitely be making an emphasis on getting some timing and more chemistry down with my receivers," said Pennington. "I feel like the two games that I've been in there with my receivers, the feel for each other has been relatively good. We've been able to complete some timing passes and some things that require trust in each other and communication and just having a feel for each other."

Aside from getting his starting quarterback job back, another perk for Pennington starting the opener is that it's in his home state of Tennessee against the Titans.

"It's pretty exciting," said Pennington. "It does increase the excitement, no doubt. I'm sure there will be a lot of people from Knoxville there, people that I know going to the game."

And for Pennington, he hopes that will be the first of many healthy starts in the future.

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