Aaron Beasley Q & A

Q: When you see him from a far, seeing how hard he [Herm Edwards] works, what impresses you about him?

Beasley: It's real contagious up in the locker room. In Jacksonville, I mean, it was like, we got out of the locker room as quick as we could, period. But here, the fans and everybody…the camaraderie. If you see guys working hard it pushes you to work, or try to work even harder than the next person.

Q: Cause you guys wanted to get away from Caughlin as quickly as possible?

Beasley: (laughing) I didn't say that

Q: …What's it like to have a guy who's totally different as a coach?

Beasley: I love it man. It's like, it's hard for me to go to sleep because I know the next day I'm going to get in to a great practice with a coach that played the game, played the same position. And that's what you ask for from a player's standpoint. Someone who actually played and can teach you what he can do. And I love coming to work everyday because of that fact. It's a friendly environment in here. A lot of energy and it's all positive.

Q: Do you remember when Herm worked you out in college?

Beasley: Yeah. Down in West Virginia.

Q: What do you remember about him?

Beasley: He's the same as he was back then. I mean the energy. And he's just full of life. And that's what you ask for from a coach in this business. I mean you can go to war for someone like that. Somebody who's actually out there, letting you know how it feels, and being honest but in a positive way. It's easy to go to work for someone like that.

Q: How has the adjustment been coming to a new team?

Beasley: for me it's easy. At corner all you got is man-to-man, cover 3 and cover 2 so I mean that's not the problem. It's more of the terminology, but that will come as the season goes, and I'm starting to pick it up now.

Q: Who's your roommate here?

Beasley: Nick Ferguson is my roommate.

Q: Do you remember when you worked out, running your 40. You kept running your 40 in 4.5, 4.6 and Herm said he pulled you aside and said, "Hey, don't worry about your time"?

Beasley: Now that you bring that up, I do remember that he did. And I worked so hard just to get 4.4. But I've never been a 40 runner. I actually ran cross-country my sophomore year in high school. I actually tried to join the team and quit to play football. I was always a long distance runner, so my stride is more geared to, once I'm going I can run, but I've never had a great burst from the start. But I mean, 40 time doesn't make a football player to me. I think my instincts are a lot better than a lot of people's, so that's an advantage that I have over some players who do have great 40 time.

Q: But as a corner, if you don't have that blazing speed, how does that change how you have to play the position?

Beasley: Ah you don't change, you just make them run your speed. I mean that's the name of the game. You keep them in front of you, and they will have to run your speed.

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