Question Session - Kevan Barlow

Q)You guys seem to have different packages for different running backs . . .

Barlow: If there's a package set up for me or Derrick (Blaylock) or Cedric (Houston), whatever helps the team, you want to take advantage of what the player's abilities whatever they are. Whoever the running back is doesn't matter as long as by the end of the day he helps us win games. It does not matter to me.

Q)Who tough is it for players to learn a system when they are brought in right before the season, which is the case for a number of Jets?

Barlow: Things have been cut down tremendously as far as the offensive game plan, so it should be much better mentally and they'll be able to go out there and have it be much easier for them.

Q)How are you dealing with the uncertainty of the running back position?

Barlow: I'm just going to go out there and practice hard, try to execute the things that I do know, try to contribute to the team, whether it's playing or not playing, helping Derrick (Blaylock) on the sideline. I'm pretty sure that Coach has made his decision on who should be the starter.

Q)Who did you think the starter would be when you arrived?

Barlow: You can't really say that. You're not going to throw a guy out there that doesn't know the offense, he's libel to get one of the quarterbacks hurt. We don't need that, especially with the situation that we had last year. Whatever my role is I'm happy with it.

Q)Will it hurt you not getting a lot of work in the preseason?

Barlow: I'm going to have to get my work in practice, that's where I'm going to have to try and get most of my work. Try to watch film and get a feel for the offensive lineman. That's what I've been doing, just practicing and getting a feel for these guys, and I'm going to continue to do that. As far as work that's going to come throughout the season. You just have to learn on the move and just keep running and running, run on the ground.

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