Tim Dwight update - Will he play?

Jets special teams could really use Tim Dwight back on the field.

Dwight has been sidelined the last few weeks with some kind of undisclosed leg injury. He seemed to be injured on a collision in training camp.

But it looks like he's recovered and will play against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

He was asked on Wednesday by Jets Confidential if the was going to play on Sunday, and replied, "yes."

This is a big boost to the Jets special teams, since Dwight is one of the best punt returners in the NFL.

Without Dwight, the Jets punt return game is not much of a threat, and would go back to the non-descript unit it was last year, where the main goal was just catching the ball.

For a team that will likely struggle on offense early in the year, field position is going to be huge.

So with Dwight on punt returns, and Justin Miller, one of the NFL's best, on kick returns, this will help the Jets in the field position battle.

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