Jets tryout three kickers

The Jets brought in seven players for tryouts this week, including three kickers.

After Mike Nugent missed two short field goals and an extra point, the Jets personnel department didn't waste any time looking for insurance policies, in case the slump continues.

Brought in for tryouts early this week were placekickers Paul Edinger, Tyler Jones and Owen Pochman.

Edinger is the most high-profile of the three, having kicked for both the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

The Jets also brought in former Green Bay Packers guard Will Whittacker for visit. With starting left guard Pete Kendall nursing a hamstring injury, the Jets might be looking to add a guard.

Considering their pass protection issues, it shouldn't come as a surprise that former Arizona Cardinal's fullback James Hodgins was brought in. He is one of the league's biggest fullbacks at 270 pounds.

And with the thigh injury to Tim Dwight, the Jets took a look at two wide receivers - Frisman Jackson and Jeris McIntyre.

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