Vinny Testaverde Q & A

Q: What do you think about the defense?

Testaverde: I think those guys are going to be fantastic. I think we've got some new guys that are in here, learning the system for the first time. I suspect that by the end of camp they are going to be one of the best defenses in the league.

Q: What do you think about Santana? You were talking about last season, and how upset you were that he couldn't get on the field. What have you been able to see in him now?

Testaverde: Just a confidence in him when he's running routes, and catching the ball. And he's just out there playing like a veteran, and he's still got ways to go to become an experienced player. He's just a confident player, and one who has great ability.

Q: Do you see a difference in the chemistry on this team? I mean it's early, but when you talk about some of the new players being integrated into the system, do you see a little bit of difference in the chemistry.

Testaverde: Yeah. One of the things I mentioned earlier, I guess last week, was that our best attribute on this football team is chemistry. Guys get along. Coach Edwards has us all heading in the right direction, in the same direction, shooting for the same goals. And that's important. Team chemistry is important, and I think that makes the difference between going to the playoffs and winning a championship.

Q: How much of that is Coach Edwards, and I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about. We were up in Giants camp in Albany, and we were just talking about fights during the press conference with the coach, and he was saying, "hey we haven't had any fights here, and I'm proud of that. I don't want my guys getting thrown out of games. Up in Giants camp there's been a few fights; there have been a few skirmishes…

Testaverde: Well, I'm not going to speak on behalf of the Giants camp or anything, but I know that Coach Edwards' philosophy is don't do anything that will hurt the football team. Whether it's getting ejected for fighting in a football game, hurting the team. Or actually physically hurting a player on your own team who could help you win. It's just not what he wants to have done. He wants people here who can help us, not hurt us.

Q: What are the repercussions for fighting in practice? Fines or…

Testaverde: I don't know. We haven't crossed that barrier yet so, hopefully we won't have to find out.

Q: Are you looking forward to opening up the offense a little bit more this year?

Testaverde: We talk about opening up the offense, but really what I'm looking to do is to get more offensive plays, more of the plays that we run. Which will allow us to throw the football a little bit more. Allow us an opportunity to score more points. Allow us to get the defense off the field to rest a little more. So that's really my goal and the offenses goal, or one of them. To get more plays.

Q: Is it more of a comfort level with Coach Hackett, now that you've had a year under the system?

Testaverde: I think we're all much more comfortable. I think the coaches are more comfortable, I think the players with the coaches, the players running the system, the players anticipating what the calls might be coming in. So we're all much more comfortable. 

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