Chad Pennington's press conference

Q)Was the offense frustrated in the first half? Pennington: I think was the tale of two halves. They out executed us in the first half and we out executed them in the second half.

In this league, when you play against really good teams you can't dig yourself a hole. It is really hard to come out of it, even at home. I'm proud of how we fought back and gave ourselves a chance to win but I don't believe in moral victories. But I do believe in getting better and really looking at the film and being critical of ourselves. That's what we will do tomorrow and make sure we do everything in our power to get better and improve.

Q)What changes were made in the second half?

Pennington: Mister "Mo". That's what it's all about, momentum. A lot of times with offensive football, all it takes is one play or two to give your guys a spark and that's exactly what happened. Jerricho makes a great catch, an unbelievable play, and that gave us the spark and we just caught fire after that. In the first half they out executed us and we never had any of those types of plays.

Q)Why did you guys call that quarterback sneak on first down in the fourth quarter?

Pennington: It was a split middle look and as I made the call, they blitzed. It was perfect timing by them.

Q)What was your reaction after Bryan Thomas blocked Stephen Gostkowski's field goal attempt?

Pennington: I thought we had a shot, absolutely. We work on those situations week in and week out. We had ample time to push it down the field and give ourselves a chance but we didn't get it done.

Q)What are your thoughts on Laveranues Coles 46-yard touchdown catch and run?

Pennington: He's a very determined person and you can tell he was not going to be denied, just by how he was running with the football. Across the board our receivers made one unbelievable play after another and kept plays alive, even on scrambles. They kept trying to get open for me and did an absolutely awesome job at finding ways to get open. They made some great, tough catches.

Q)Did you see Jerricho Cotchery's touchdown catch since you took a big hit on that play?

Pennington: I didn't get to see that. I saw it on the replay. I heard the roar of the crowd. That's all you need to hear.

Q)Where is this team at right now?

Pennington: We are not where we want to be, the one thing coach stresses to us and what all the players including myself, to understand is that no matter if you win or lose our approach is not going to change and our attitude is not going to change, our analysis of ourselves is not going to change. As a matter of fact, when we win, we want to be harder on ourselves than when we lose, and make sure we don't let anything slip by so we continue to get better. This game is about winning and we are all disappointed in this locker room. We don't believe in moral victories, but thank goodness this isn't the last game.

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