A conversation with Laveranues Coles

Q)So are you going to be able to play on Sunday against the Bills?

Coles: We've been informed to stay away from those types of questions. I'm doing what I can to get back. If you have any questions about my leg you can talk to the medical staff or ask the Head Coach. That's the best way for me to leave it.

QWhat were your expectations when you returned to the Jets?

Coles: I come here and Santana (Moss) goes there (Washington), when the trade was made and people think "well, he had an amazing year" and I've never expected anything less from him, he's an amazing player, it was just a matter of time before that happened, I'm just sorry that I came back here and things didn't go so well. We all had a few growing pains last year. We had quite a few injuries. We just had things happen where it just didn't work out the way I wanted it to work out. I work hard. I worked the same way as I did last year and the same way I'm working this year. I'm just happy the ball has been thrown my way the first couple of games this season.

Q)What about your chemistry with Chad Pennington?

Coles: When you have a great QB like Chad and he has a lot of trust in you, it makes it that much better for me as a player. I'm just excited that we've had the opportunity to get on the field together and kind of rekindle that bond that we've had in the past.

Q)Do you have something to prove this year?

Coles: I like people to see that "this guy hasn't lost anything, he's still here". Of course you always want people to know that you still can play the game, you never want to be looked at as somebody who has lost a step, or that the team has made a mistake because anytime an organization trusts you the way they trusted me, in bringing me back and believing in me, you want to reward that.

Q)What do you think of Coach Mangini praising your toughness? Coles: That's good, I never knew Coach noticed much of anything around here. It's good that he's paying attention. I just try to be one of those guys that he doesn't have to worry about, that he knows is going to show up and compete and I'm going to give him everything I have. He's (Coach Mangini) coming in and us veterans have to prove ourselves all over and show him that we belong here and we want to be here. In this case I just hope that I can continue to impress him and continue to work hard and he'll continue to notice.

Q)Do you pride yourself on your toughness?

Coles: That's one of the things I look for, taking the big shot over the middle and making the play. That's the fun part of the game for me, being able to say, "Hey I took your best and I got up and I'm going to come back and see if you can do it again".

Q)How high is your pain threshold?

Coles: I consider myself having a very high threshold for pain.

Q)Is that threshold being tested right now?

Coles: Anytime you play professional football your threshold is going to be tested.

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