Chad Pennington Post-Game

Q)What are your on today's win over the Buffalo Bills?

Pennington: All phases of the football game complimented each other well whenever we needed a big play. I think some key things that were really good, offensively we are three for three in the red zone. So our red zone efficiency was really good when we got down there we didn't get field goals, we got touchdowns and that was huge. You have to tip your hat off to our defense. They were out there a long time and played really well. I also think you also have to tip your hat off to our offensive line, especially with the pass rush that Buffalo has, having seven sacks and ten in two games. To be able to the job that they did was the key to victory.

Q)You got a lot of time to throw today?

Pennington: I just drop back and I try to make my reads, I believe in those guys and I trust them. Our veterans are doing great job with our young guys on teaching them the ropes and helping them out. And our young guys are playing really well and they are stepping up to the challenge. So, it's fun to watch these guys mature and gel together and they are such a great group of football players and people. It's really fun to watch them get better.

Q)For a new offense, you guys seem to get on the same page in the passing game quickly?

Pennington: I think you can contribute that to our hard work throughout the off season. I think you can also contribute that to our coaches doing such a great job in teaching each one of us on how this system works and the details of it, because you have to be very detailed oriented to execute. Especially against good defenses you can not let the details slip. We have a lot of work to do we got a long way go and we are not where we want to be. But as long as we can continue to manufacture wins as we are learning and getting better that is most important.

Q)What can you tell us about Leon Washington's long catch-and-run?

Pennington: We were just able to catch Buffalo in a blitz. We had a good play call with the screen and things worked out. We executed really well, the execution on that play is crucial. Any time you get Leon the football in open field you guys can see how exciting he is and how elusive he is.

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