Chad Pennington on the Jax game

Q)What happened to the Jets in the blowout loss in Jacksonville?

Pennington: I don't have any explanation to what happened out there. I know we prepared very hard, had a good game plan and everybody was confident, including myself. The bottom fell out somehow. You can't win with turnovers, especially on the road. And you can't turn the ball over in your own territory, and give them easy chances to score points.

We have to analyze it and try to fix it. It only counts as one game.

Q)Why do you think you guys keep digging holes in these games?

Pennington: Of course we want to be able to start faster. Up until now, we have been able to finish stronger. We are not overconcerned with it because in three of the games, we were either in the lead, or tied at halftime. I think it's just a matter of time (before we get off to better starts).

Q)How do you think you performed in Jacksonville?

Pennington: I'm disappointed in how I played. You don't give your team much of a chance when you throw three interceptions. They jumped out on us so quickly and they wouldn't quit. We knew we had to get multiple scores and press the issue a little bit.

Q)How do you think Coach Mangini will handle his first blow-out loss?

Pennington: The good thing about Coach Mangini is that he won't let us get too high or too low, win or lose. He will take the same approach and has been very consistent throughout. We will go back and without changing the approach too much, figure out what we have to do to get better.

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