Chad Pennington's post-game press conference

Q)Why did you guys play so much better in the second half than the first half?

Pennington: We executed better. We managed first and second downs better. We had more positive plays on first and second downs instead of being in third and long situations.

Q)That up-and-go route to Laveranues Coles realy seemed to get things going . . .

Pennington: You get few opportunities a game where they may jump around or the coverage is not played exactly right. When you get those opportunities as an offense you have to take advantage of them.

Q)Tell us about the two touchdowns to Coles . . .

Pennington: The first one was a slant and go pattern. We had run a couple of slants because Laveranues is such a good slant runner - he is so physical. This time he ran a slant and go and the corner jumped it pretty good. He did a great job of making the catch. That catch and throw sometimes is the hardest one to make because it ends up being so open and you don't want to miss it. The second one we had a sprint out package on, a sprint right package, there was coverage underneath. Laveranues was on a corner route and the DB had turned his back. Plus they had jumped offsides so we had a free play. I put it up there and gave him a chance to jump for it. Normally it is hard for a DB to locate the ball with his back turned.

Q)The offensive line seemed to play better . . .

Pennington: They did a great job. The Miami defensive line has a great pass rush, they push the pocket really well. It is not only Jason Taylor, there are a lot of other guys. It's a who's who when you look at all of the pass rushers and defensive linemen they have. There was really only one sack given up. On the first one, I should have thrown that one away probably, but I tried to get back to the line of scrimmage and missed by about a yard, so that counted as a sack, but it wasn't on the offensive line. They got us with one blitz. Other than that our offensive line did a great job of communicating and they are just getting better and better every week. They are starting to gel, and I am proud of those guys.

Q)Why isn't Lavernues Coles talked about more with the top receivers in the league?

Pennington: I have always thought of him as a top receiver in this league. He is just not flashy. He is a blue-collar, hard-working receiver who is very tough. His toughness and physicalness within the game of football is what separates him from a lot of other receivers. He goes out and makes plays. He is the type of receiver you'd rather see with press covers and off covers because he creates separation with his physicality. He does such a great job and he had another great game tonight.

Q)What happened on that near fourth quarter interception by Eddie Jackson?

Pennington: I was getting ready to make a tackle. My heart was up in my throat. I didn't have the correct timing on that route. Laveranues ran a good route and I was too quick, so that's what caused the throw to be behind.

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