Mangini on Curtis Martin's status

Q)Can you give us an update on running back Curtis Martin?

Eric Mangini: He will not come off until after the Cleveland game at the earliest.

Q)What made you decide to keep Martin out a few more weeks?

Mangini: Mike, Curtis, the doctors and I talked and said that would be the best time, at the earliest, to do that.

Q)Was the bye week a factor in the decision?

Mangini: Yes, we would take into account the bye coming up there, just to see where he is, and where things are at that point and make a decision.

Q)How much imput did Martin have in the decision?

Mangini: All the decisions that we make involve Curtis. We've talked to him, and Mike and I have talked and got together, obviously with the feedback from the doctors. I want to make sure that he's ready to go when we make that decision. It's an ongoing process, so we just evaluate as we go.

Q)Are you happy with Martin's progress?

Mangini: We're going to see how it goes. I felt good about his approach throughout the whole thing. You can't ask for a better approach and a better person. He's been great and working really hard at it.

Q)What are the odds that Martin will play this season?

Mangini: Each week that we go here, we'll evaluate it and see where we are. I think having the two additional weeks is going to be an asset.

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