5 Questions with Sam Garnes

Q: What's it like coming over to the Jets?


Garnes: I played with the Giants, a great organization. But now I feel like I'm home now with a team that really likes me. I feel like my career's starting over. I'm really healthy right now and there's so much talent on this team. I'm so excited. Every time I step on the field, it's more joy that comes to me, to be with all these great guys and great coaches.


Q: So it feels like a dream right now?


Garnes: It's a dream but it's real. It's real and I see the light here at the end of the tunnel. It's shining bright. If we do what we can, I think we'll have a good future.


Q: How do you think the secondary is shaping up right now Sam?


Garnes: I think it's shaping up really well. It's really helping me that I have Donnie Abraham helping me out on the same side, and Damien Robinson too. Those two have been in the system for six years now and they have really helped me out along with coach Edwards, Coach Brown, and Ted Cottrell. I have a big supporting staff around me and every time, especially Ted Cottrell and Herm Edwards, they give me that look like they appreciate what I'm doing, that means a lot to me. They coached Henry Jones and John Lynch, two players I really admire.


Q: What do you see from a free agent like Doug Shanahan. How's he doing?


Garnes: He's doing really well. I think he has a really good chance. I'm not the one making the decision, but I think he has a really good chance of sticking around. He's learning the system well and showing that no matter what school you go to, I mean Every body knows about Wayne Chrebet, but Hofstra has some really good players. He's really impressive so far.


Q: How's your physical condition been in this extreme weather?


Garnes: It's been great. I had a great offseason. I worked hard with John Lott, an excellent strength and conditioning coach. I worked out in the locker room all offseason. And when I wasn't around I did a lot of things that you can pretty much do anywhere. And I feel like I'm in the best shape since I came out of college.

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