A conversation with Donnie Henderson

Q)What will it be like to face your old team, the New York Jets?

Henderson: What I'm trying to just make sure (is) I keep everything as far as my (emotions) under control. I mean, it's going to be emotional; I spent two good years there. I was a coordinator there and I thought we played pretty good defense there.

Q)Did you help Mike Martz with his gameplan since you know the Jets defensive personnel so well?

Henderson: Not necessarily. I didn't spend a lot of time with Martz talking about that defense. I mean, I don't know them as well as I used to. I know the secondary and I know a couple of the D-linemen, but they've changed some parts there. So I don't know them like I used to. Plus it's a different scheme.

Q)What it be like playing without Shaun Rogers?

Henderson: It's going to be different for our whole team. Let's be honest, without the big guy in the middle, we've got to stop the run with some other guys. When he gets a push and he gets up the field, it always takes two guys to block him.

Q)How does it impact your defensive tackle rotation?

Henderson: It does affect the depth. Now it just puts us on a different rotation. So we just have to make sure those guys are fresh and the guys that are supposed to be in there at that particular time needs to be in there.

Q)Will the Jets try to attack you guys differently with Rogers out?

Henderson: I think everybody's going to start off trying to affect you when they start running the ball to see how you stop it. If you don't stop it they're going to run it all day. So I think they'll run the ball like they've been doing. They're pretty balanced.

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