Chad Pennington's post-game press conference

Q)What statistic catches your eye from today's game?

Pennington: Eight for 12 on third down. That was a big-time improvement compared to the last two weeks. To be able to go 67 percent on third down is pretty important and the reason we were able to do that is because we're able to manage first and second downs and get some positive yards. We knew going into the game that Detroit was extremely good on third-and-seven plus; they're about three out of 17 conversions on third-and-seven plus. So, for us to be eight and 12 on third down and move the ball as efficiently as we did, it was a good day for us offensively.

Q)How much did the ground game help the passing game?

Pennington: Any time you can get the running game going, your play-action game is just elevated. We can get the linebackers to suck up on the fake and get the receivers in there on the fake. Now, our receivers are penetrating the field vertically and they're on the safeties and corners in a heart beat. That was important for us to get the running game started and established.

Q)Like on the play-fake pass to Justin McCareins

Pennington: We were in our running formation with our two tight ends, our two backs and one receiver, and we were able to get a good play-fake because we were able to run the ball very well. It was a nice call by coach Schottenheimer to take that shot. McCareins has been running that route very well for us throughout the last couple weeks in practice, we just felt like he gave us a really good shot and he made a great play on it.

Q)Did having knowledge of Donnie Henderson's defense help you today?

Pennington: Being around Donnie, I know that he always has his defense playing fast and hard. When they play, they don't second guess themselves, they don't play hesitantly, they just go with what they see and we just had to make sure that we kept them off-balance with the snap-count. We also worked on some deception just to keep them honest and keep them at home, which opened up our running game.

Q)What has been the key to the team's success so far?

Pennington: Our practice habits and work ethic are the most important. Coach Mangini constantly strives to take the same approach whether we win or lose. We don't change our work habits or preparation and we believe in those things and we trust those things. We've tried to come in every week, no matter the outcome, and work hard Monday through Saturday and be ready to play on Sunday.

Q)How are you enjoying the season?

Pennington: I enjoy playing this game and enjoy the guys in this locker room, we have some real good guys here. They play together, they play as hard as they can and we pull for each other.

Q)How impressed were you today with Leon Washington?

Pennington: For me, the most impressive thing is his physicality. People are learning about his speed, but he's very physical between the tackles. He doesn't go down with one defender, it takes multiple defenders to take him down. He bounces off of tackles, he's a very physical person even though his size wouldn't make you think that.

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