Curtis Martin update

Q)Will the status of Curtis Martin change this week?

Mangini: No. Next week would be the earliest and we'll see where we are.

Q)Will Martin practice for sure next week?

Mangini: No. We'll look at it again next week, we'll sit down with the doctors and Curtis, Mike and I and we will gauge where he is. We have that full window that we could use or we could start it up a little bit earlier. We'll just see how it is next week.

Q)Will Martin will play if he returns to practice?

Mangini: If he comes out and he's the best player, he'll play.

Q)If Curtis does return, how will you guys be able to get all the running backs involved in the offese?

Mangini: Brian (Schottenheimer) has been pretty creative. Brad (Smith) has gotten some reps and Kevin (Barlow) and Leon (Washington). I'm sure we'll put them all back there. (Tim) Dwight might get a few, run the option, do something like that.

Q)Is the decision regarding Martin strictly medical?

Mangini: Initially it will be medical because we have to obviously gauge where he is. Player safety is the most important thing. Once that decision is made, then it will be completely football and Curtis knows that we're going to play the best players to give us the opportunity each week, and he understands that completely. It would be a pure football decision at that point.

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