Mangini refuses to confirm Hutch's story

Q)Eric, what is your reaction to the story in the Newark Star-Ledger that Curtis Martin isn't going to play this year?

Mangini: We'll review his status at the end of the week. We have until Tuesday to come to [a decision]. It's got to go one way or the other on Tuesday. We'll take the full­time there and sit down with Curtis, Mike (Tannenbaum) and the doctors. We will make a decision that's best for us, best for him and move forward from there. That's one of the nice things about the PUP, it gives you this vehicle, and it gives you the allotment of 21 days.

Q)What do you think of the team official and player who leaked the story to the paper?

Mangini: I don't really know who that would be or where that information came from, so it's hard for me to really make a determination on it, unless you assign a name to it.

Q)What purpose does the extra week serves is Martin told others that he will not return?

Mangini: I'm going by the conversations that I've had with Curtis. We talk quite regularly. Really, I'm basing this decision on information and discussions that I've had specifically with Curtis. That's what I go by.

Q)Has Martin has communicated to you that he isn't ready to play?

Mangini: We've talked about this throughout the whole process. If that were the case, then I know we would have probably taken a different course of action. You know, we have this complete window and we're going to use the complete window to maximize the 21 days.

Q)Hutchinson reported the Martin isn't rehabbing as much recently . . .

Mangini: Curtis has been here every single day except days where I've told you about where I've personally excused him for something. Those have been few and far between. He has been a huge asset to those guys. He's like everybody else. Every morning I look out. Every morning there's Curtis, second row from the end, four or five seats in.

Q)Has the team made a decision, but you just aren't telling us?

Mangini: What I'm saying is there has been no decision.

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