Jets run defense becoming embarrassing

The Jets run defense has clearly become an embarrassment. Seven opponents have successfully run on the Jets this year.

"It's definitely not a good feeling," said Jets linebacker Victor Hobson. "No defense wants a team to come out and think they can run the ball on it. That's something we have to address and improve on."

And it this could be a tough week for a Jets to get their run defense in order against New England, led by rookie sensation, tailback Larry Maroney.

"He is definitely an explosive runner," said Hobson. "He presents a lot of challenges, he's a guy with a lot of speed and power. He has a very distinct style of running. He is a guy we will have to contain, or try to contain as best we can to stop the run."

Facing Maroney the second time around could be a little easier for the Jets, because now they know about his style.

"For us, we know what to expect from him with his style, he runs hard, he's quick and he's explosive," said Jets linebacker Jon Vilma. "We know what to expect out of him."

But Maroney is the only back the Jets have to worry about. Maroney and veteran Corey Dillon are sharing the workload equally, and both having solid seasons.

"They have two very good running backs, Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney, and the offensive line is blocking well," said Jets safety Erik Coleman. "We just have to rally to the ball, wrap up."

"[Maroney] runs hard, Corey (Dillon) runs hard, they're both very physical runners," said Jets linebacker Matt Chatham.

The Jets run defense can only get better this Sunday. It's hard to imagine them getting any worse.

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