Mangini on Teague setback

Q)What type of set back did Trey Teague suffer that landed him on IR?

Mangini: It was bad luck, really. He had come back and was working into the lineup, and it was one of those freak things. Just like the first time.

Q)How is this ankle injury different from the last one?

Mangini: It's a new injury to the same area. It's a different injury than before. Statistically the odds of that happening twice to the same guy are pretty small.

Q)You have to feel bad for the guy after all the rehab that he did?

Mangini: It's unfortunate, because he had done so much to get back. He was back on the field. He was improving in terms of his working with the guys and overall football shape, all that stuff, the arrow was pointing up and it was just really unfortunate.

Q)When was the set back?


Q)What have the medical people decided do with the re-injured ankle?

Mangini: Right now he's going through the initial phases of the evaluation medically, and we'll work all that stuff out. We'll just have to see and evaluate that as it goes.

Q)Could you clarify what he did to his ankle this time around?

Mangini: It's exactly the same it was last time, just to a different spot.

Q)Will he need surgery?

Mangini: Yeah, probably going to need some kind of surgery at some point.

Q)How will you fill the open roster spot?

Mangini: We talked about that yesterday, and we have a couple of different ideas that we're looking at. In the short­term, today, as of right now, it'll be open, and we may address it as the week goes on.

Q)Will you fill the spot with someone off of the practice squad?

Mangini: It could be the practice squad or somebody else's practice squad. It could be a guy that comes off the wire. It does give us some flexibility where we don't have to waive somebody to in order to bring somebody on.

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