Belichick impressed with Jets explosiveness

They're a big-play team, whether it be a blocked field goal, or a kickoff return for a touchdown, or an onside kick on special teams, or long passes on offense, or strip-sacks and interceptions on defense.

They have those in every game, some element of them. Whether it be the 100-yard kickoff return against Indianapolis, whether it be the strip-sacks against Buffalo, whether it be the onsides kick against the Colts. You can go right down the line. Those plays show up in every game. That's who they are.

They have a very explosive group of players in all three phases of the game. [Justin] Miller, Tim Dwight on special teams as return guys. Their receivers and the quarterback are outstanding. [Leon] Washington's screen against Buffalo for 50 yards. They make those plays on a weekly basis.

Their leading sacker is their safety, so that tells you something right there and believe me those aren't the only three times he's blitzed. He's blitzed plenty of other times too - I'm talking about [Kerry] Rhodes.

They have 10 interceptions. They're a team that turns the ball over. They're a team that pressures the quarterback. They blitz. They change up their looks a little bit and if you make a mistake they make you pay for it.

You can say, ‘Well if you take those plays out,' well those play show up in every game. Coles runs a slant-and-go against Miami for 60 yards. Catches a crossing pattern for 50 yards against us.

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