5 Questons With Jamie Henderson


Q) A lot of teams wanted to make you a safety out of college. You certainly played like a guy that would have been a heck of a safety in the Pittsburgh game.

Henderson: Yeah, a lot of teams wanted to get me in at safety. And actually, I played a little safety in Senior Bowl. But it was known that I could play corner too. But it really didn't matter to me as long as I got with a team to play, and had a chance to show my ability. That's all I needed.

Q) A lot of track guys like yourself are considered soft football players, but you seem to be the opposite.

Henderson: In Carrolton, Georgia, it was pretty tough coming up there. If you didn't play football, you were considered a wuss. And if all your friends played, you didn't want to be the only one not playing. We would play backyard football, you know. By Thanksgiving our season would be over. We would go into the backyard, and have our own little Thanksgiving bowl, without pads.

Q) How did you become such a big hitter?

Henderson: I think that's something I carried with me. That's nothing I really developed, but something I've carried with me. I've just always been a hitter.

Q) You had two stops on Jerome Bettis during the goal line stand. What's that feeling like?

Henderson: Man, he was heavy. He was a load. He tried to drop a shoulder on me, but I caught it at the last minute, and dropped mine with him. But he's a load. He was slipping. I was asking for help as a matter of fact. I was like, "help!"

Q) What was your reaction when they signed the two veteran cornerbacks to start this off-season?

Henderson: I knew that we needed some more corners, so I expected it, being that I was young, and didn't fully know too much about anything yet. I've probably learned more this year so far, than all of last year. So I expected it. It's good for me right now.

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