Pete Morelli explains the Hobson call

Q)Why was Victor Hobson called for roughing the passer?

Referee Pete Morelli: He picked up [Tom Brady] and drove him into the ground and used the force of his helmet and basically stuffed him into the ground. That is why the foul was roughing.

Q)Is there an allowance for momentum?

Morelli: No. He has to know when the quarterback lets the pass go. It's his responsibility as the defender to know when the ball is gone, and to let off and back off.

Q)Technique-wise, what could he have done?

Morelli: Tackled him - probably with his shoulder only and if he saw the ball clearly away, he should have eased up on him.

Q)From your perspective, he picked him up and drove him into the ground?

Morelli: And kind of stuffed him in there with his helmet after the ball was released.

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