Chad Pennington's post-game conference

Q)Chad, how long have you been working on your punting?

Pennington: Well we work on that believe it or not. Field position in a sloppy-weather game is so critical to a team's success and it was a great call by Coach [Eric] Mangini to try to get them pinned and luckily it got them pinned inside the 5 [yard line], which helps out a lot.

Q)Tell us aobut the Jerricho Cotchery touchdown?

Pennington: I thought they were playing our route and he was the one single guy. [Ellis] Hobbs had pretty good coverage. He was playing off-coverage, and I just felt like if I gave [Jerricho Cotchery] a chance he could make something happen for us and he did.

Q)How much did the bye week help you guys?

Pennington: In our bye week we just concentrated on us. We looked at our first eight games and really dissected them and looked where we could get better as a team. We knew that we left some plays out there, some points out there, and some games out there. We wanted to look at the last half of the season and just take it one game at a time.

Q)Was this win extra special for Coach Mangini?

Pennington: I think we all have our own reasons for why we wanted to beat New England. Eric [Mangini] has his reasons, I have my reasons, and we have ours as a team. The bottom line is you have to eventually stand up and say, ‘Look we have to win one of these games.' They've beaten us seven times in a row. Hats off to our coaching staff for setting the mindset and the tone.

Q)How hard was the work you had to do on your shoulder thoughout the off-season to get to back your prior form?

Pennington: It was a good six to eight hours a day for five to six days a week. I was just trying to not look too far ahead and take it one day at a time because I felt like if I skipped a day or let a day slide by, it wouldn't be in my best interest. Every minute, every second, every time I had a chance to rehab it was to my advantage to take full advantage of it and not let those things slip by. I've been through it once before and I know how precious time is when it comes to an injury and I wanted to take advantage of it.

Q)You were barely touched today. Your offensive line really stepped up . . .

Pennington: Our offensive line did a great job. There was the one sack. Hats off to those guys. They've been getting better and better each week since the first week. It just seems like they're coming together, they're gelling. Our younger guys are not playing like younger guys and our veterans are setting the standard for them.

Q)What did you think of Kevan Barlow's performance?

Pennington: Kevan had an excellent performance. [In] a sloppy-weather game, it's going to be very physical and [you] have to have some downhill runs and you have to have some runs that you get more yards after the initial contact. He did a great job at that. You never saw Kevan really get tackled by one defender and he was pretty slippery through there. He provided a great spark for us. I think Leon [Washington] and Kevan provide a good one-two punch for us.

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