Chad Pennington's post-game press conference

Q)How tough was the Bears defense to deal with?

Pennington: Well you've got to give them credit. They know how to play good defense. We knew going into the game that we couldn't turn the ball over. That was key, and we ended up having two turnovers, which set us back a little bit. Right now, offensively, we are going through a period where things just aren't going our way.

Q)What happened on the second interception?

Pennington: We had a screen going back across the field, I had some pressure but I was looking in the screen area and there was nobody there. I didn't see anybody there, so I knew that if I didn't complete it, it would at least be incomplete. Where he [Vasher] came from, I don't know. I had my back turned, I'll have to look at it on the film.

Q)What is wrong with the offense?

Pennington: It's just working through this system and getting back the rhythm and feel we had earlier in the season, getting that chemistry back. It's part of being a professional athlete, sometimes you just lose that every once in a while. The tough thing about being in the NFL, is you don't have a bunch of games to work through it. Every game is crucial, you don't have 82 or 162 games. We have to take each practice and make sure we get better at it.

Q)What happened on the first interception?

Pennington: The read didn't tell me to go to Laveranues' side. They were playing cover-2 zone, and had three on two over there. They just happened to bust the coverage and I can't control that. Chris Baker did a great job of winning on the route and Urlacher made a great play. He just broke on the football really quickly and made a great play. I didn't see him until I let go of the football.

Q)What is wrong with the passing game?

Pennington: It's just a little bit off. Not hitting receivers, not being on the same pages as my receivers, just a little bit of that here and there that's causing the inconsistency. The good thing is that it's something we can fix, and we can control, and I can control as a quarterback.

Q)What was the game plan?

Pennington: Our game plan coming in was to establish the run, really make it a physical game. I thought our offensive line did that from the beginning. They played extremely well in the running game and our backs hit the holes. We were getting some nice draws and gains. Things were really going our way and a few plays turned the table on us and stopped our momentum. Our inconsistency gave them a chance.

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