5 Questions with Paul Tagliabue

The NFL commissioner visited Jets camp on Saturday, and held a brief press conference. Here were some Jets related questions Tagliabue addressed:


Q)Commissioner, your thoughts on the New York stadium situation in regards to the Jets?

Tagliabue: At this point, it's integrally tied up with Olympic proposals. I know Jay Cross and Woody Johnson have been approaching it in that manner. That will have to play out for a while.

Q)What are your thoughts on it? Would you like to see it happen?

Tagliabue: I think the whole Olympic concept, along with the stadium, is an exciting one. If it could happen in that context, it would be great for the city, great for the Olympics and certainly would be a positive thing for the Jets, and the National Football League.

Q)Would it be good for the Jets as a franchise to have a stadium of their own?

Tagliabue: I think it is. I know that is the way the ownership feels. If it can be done in a context where it serves multiple purposes, and it fits in with a bigger image, it would be optimal.

Q)What is the state of the New York Super Bowl situation?

Tagliabue: In terms of a Super Bowl for New York and possibly Washington as well. This summer, I've had meetings with the ownership of the Jets, Giants and Redskins to talk about those issues. We have tried to identify what would be the key things to address with the league's membership, and that starts with the playing conditions on game day. We have been talking about the need for a heated field, and other things that would have to be addressed in case you had inclement weather, so you could still have a good football game. We will address that at our league meeting in October in the city. There will be a lot more discussion about that in late October.

Q)Are the Jets a candidate to go overseas in the preseason in the near future?

Tagliabue: I would think so. One of things we try to do is have exciting football teams, winning football teams represent the league, in Mexico, Japan, occasionally Canada, Australia and Europe. That is where the Jets seem to be headed, and the fact that they also represent the city of New York would also generate interest. We will be having those kind of discussions with them.
We want to make a decision by the early fall on at least one of the team's that would play in Tokyo next year.

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