Pennington says he feels fine physically

Chad Pennington thinks there is hope for the Jets struggling passing game.

Especially since they've had success this year.

"The good thing is that we have proof that we are a good passing team when we execute," said Pennington. "And if we didn't have that proof, I would be worried. But I'm not worried because we have that proof, we've been able to be effective in the passing game and do some really exciting things. I think it's just a matter of time."

Pennington looks forward to the Jets game on Sunday against Houston, when he gets a chance to fix what is wrong.

"I'm actually excited," said Pennington. "I think that it's a great opportunity for me. It's a great big challenge for me. It's the first time that anyone has seen me struggle like this in the passing game. So I'm excited about taking on this challenge and rectifying things and getting our offense going in the right direction."

While the Jets passing game has struggled in recent weeks, other parts of the Jets offense have actually improved.

"I think that we've grown in a lot of areas in our offense with our running game, with our pass protection, with some things that we're doing; third down, we're really good on third down conversions," said Pennington. "Now we just need to complete the cycle so to speak and get better on first and second down with our passing game."

The struggles of the Jets passing game recently has led some to speculate that Pennington's surgical shoulder might be tired. The quarterbacks says that isn't the case.

"Actually, physically, I feel really good," said Pennington. "I'm really pleased with how I feel physically. I wouldn't have imagined myself feeling like this after 10 games. I would have imagined myself feeling a little worse but I actually feel really good, and I think that's a credit to how our offensive line has been blocking and a credit to our training staff and our medical staff for how they are prepared me physically."

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