Chad Pennington's Post-Game

Q)How were you able to get the chemistry back with your wide receivers?

Pennington: We found it through hard work. We kept throwing the football, running different routes, and talking to each other about different types of things. We kept trying to understand each other a little bit better. Finally today, it came together. It was a good feeling that I was able to connect with those guys and get them the football, because they are tremendous playmakers and if you just put the ball in the air, they'll give you a chance.

Q)What exactly happened to you that knocked you out of the game?

Pennington: I got the wind knocked out of me. My arm was caught up underneath me, and that was what knocked the wind out of me. I thought I wasn't going to make it. If anyone has ever had that done you, know it is the worst thing in the world. I thought, "I am not going to make it, my goodness, right here on the football field." But things worked out well.

Q)Were you afraid that it was your shoulder?

Pennington: No, I wasn't. I was just trying to get a breath. When that happens you are just looking for anything to start your breathing again. Thirty seconds feels like an hour. I wasn't really worried about it [his shoulder] at all.

Q)Why did you pump your fists toward the crowd?

Pennington: I was happy that I was breathing again, number one. Number two, I wanted to let the crowd know I was okay. It was a good feeling. It's been a while. It reminded me of 2002. I love Jets fans.

Q)Your thoughts on the performances of Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery.

Pennington: Laveranues and Jerricho lead the way. They do such an excellent job of getting open. A lot of times there are contested balls that they come down with. They both have strong hands, and they attack the football in the air. They do a great job of that. Over the past few weeks, looking back at the tapes, I just told myself, "Give those guys a chance, and they'll come down with it."

Q)What does it feel like to have the wind knocked out of you?

Pennington: It feels like you are going to die. It's like you are trying to breathe and you can't. You are just looking for some air to come back in, and it's just not there. You start to turn a little bit blue, and you are moaning and groaning. I am sure my teammates were looking at me like, "What's wrong with this guy?" It's not a good feeling at all. Helpless? Yes, exactly. Nobody can do anything for you.

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