Chad Pennington's post-game press conference

Q)What are your thoughts on what happened in today's game?

Pennington: You can't give an opponent easy opportunities to score. You can't do that in this league, no matter who you are playing. They are good enough as it is. When you give them easy opportunities to score you really put your team in a bind. I put my team in a bind today and I did not set us up for positive plays and positive execution. That is frustrating for me, but I will fix it.

Q)How disappointed are you in the performance?

Pennington: They stuck it to us and took advantage of my mistakes and our mistakes collectively. It certainly wasn't pretty.

Q)Did you guys let a golden opportunity slip away?

Pennington: In this league, anytime you lose, you let a precious opportunity slip away because you only have 16 of them. We only have three left and we have to take it one at a time and make sure we do everything we can this week to put ourselves in good position to try to win on the road in a hostile environment. So that's where we are.

Q)What happened on your first interception?

Pennington: The ball just came out high and it was indicative of the whole day; being out of rhythm. There is no excuse for it. We just have to find a way to fix it.

Q)Did you do any scoreboard watching today?

Pennington: It wasn't scoreboard watching today it was just a lack of execution. It always starts with the quarterback and I have to do a better job of that; do a better job of putting us in a successful positions. Will you be successful all the time? No. But you can at least put your team in a position to be successful.

Q)How good was the Bills pass rush today?

Pennington: They have a really good pass-rush. You have to remember that they had seven sacks in the first game we played in the beginning of the season. When you play a good pass-rush team, if you get down, you really put yourself behind the eight ball because now they don't have to honor the run as much as much and now they can tee-off on you.

Q)What about the playoff implications of this loss?

Pennington: This wasn't the game where if you win you are in. It wasn't that type of thing.

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