Jets release Ryan Riddle, and promote Tutt

The Jets made a bizarre personnel move on Saturday.

The released outside linebacker Ryan Riddle, and promoted fullback Stacey Tutt from the practice squad.

Why this move was made, we can't tell you. We asked a Jets official for an explanation.

"Head coach's decision," said Jets VP Ron Colangelo.

So why would the head coach make this decision?

Well considering Tutt has played fullback for six months, it can't be for help at that position.

Remember he was a quarterback at Richmond, and the Jets signed him as a rookie free agent after the 2006 draft, and moved him to fullback.

There is no way they are going to trust him at fullback so early in his maturation process, especially against the Minnesota Vikings, the #1 run defense in the NFL.

In fact, he might not even be active.

As for Riddle, it's hard to figure out why he was released since he wasn't given much of a chance to show what he can do.

He was stuck behind Matt Chatham, who rarely makes any plays, yet Riddle rarely got a chance to play.

So why this move was made. Your guess is as good as our's.

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