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For yet another time, the NY Jets will now take on the NY Giants in the game dubbed "The title for bragging rights" at Giants (Jets) Stadium this coming Saturday with the Kickoff being at 8:00pm EST. I've always been excited whenever seeing the Jets/Giants play, even though it is just a Preseason game. Granted it's not as big as lets say the NY Yankees against the Mets or even the NY Islanders against the NY Rangers, but it does mean something to this New Yorker.


For the first time ever, both the Jets and Giants will have Honorary Head Coaches with them on the sidelines for their game on Saturday, August 24th, 2002. Starting off with the Jets, Sterling Alves (Head Coach for the FDNY Football Team) will be on their sideline. Meanwhile, the Giants will have Pete Moog (Head Coach for the NYPD Football Team) on their sideline. Both Honorary Coaches will be able to call a play for each team. Plus Chief Joe Morris of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey will perform the coin toss!


First off I'd like to say that is very stand up of not only the Jets, but the Giants as well. You see, to me, this game signifies that although there are some idiots in this world who think they can knock out NY due to what happened on 9/11, that NY can STILL keep going strong. That NY can live up to the world recognized reputation of being the city that NEVER sleeps. That the people of this great city can unite and show support to the fallen heroes and innocent people who were taken away from us due to that tragedy. Ever since that day, both Teams have showed their support to the families, fire stations, police departments, and organizations all around NY. It goes to show, we consider the Jets and Giants to have rosters of role models, heroes, and guys you can just look up to. Yet after the tragedy, they proved they're human just like the rest of us, and lent out an extra hand to help, time to spend with those who loss someone, and their heart to comfort those who needed it most.


Let me finish this off by saying God Bless both teams and every single person who did what they did to help deal and cope with the tragedy of 9/11. The Jets may be going up against the Giants, and a Team will definitely come out victorious. But what it really means to me is, NEW YORK will win, and we'll always win. They may have taken our Towers, but they'll always stand tall in our hearts. They may have taken precious innocent lives from us, but they'll always be remembered. Finally, they may think we're down and out, you know, losing, but truth be told. We've already scored the winning TD with the NYC-powered drive to the end zone because we're on top and this great city will always be winning, who's playing you ask?


*** AMERICA ***


That's right, and let me finally end this the real way, the American way: GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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