Part 1 with Dolphin Insider

1)What did last week's game say about Joey Harrington, and how much will it impact his future?

Alain: The game said that Joey Harrington is going to have bad games, just like he is going to make some bad throws practically every single game. As far as his future, I think the Dolphins would be OK with him as a backup but probably have given up on the idea that he could be the long-term answer in case Daunte Culpepper can't rediscover his old form.

2)How do you view the quarterback position in Miami looking into the future?

Alain: With great concern. Sadly, it seems that everything hinges of Culpepper's ability to bounce back from his injury and him going on injured reserve without returning to the lineup is disconcerting because we won't know for sure how he'll be able to function until the next regular season. Remember that he was fine throughout training camp and the preseason this year, but when the full speed of the regular season arrived he just couldn't cut it.

3)The Dolphins offensive line was a major problem at the beginning of the year. How is it now?

Alain: The offensive line really started playing much better starting with that first Jets game back on Oct. 22. That coincided with the move of Damion McIntosh from the right guard to left tackle and L.J. Shelton from left tackle to right guard. For the most part, the line has been pretty solid the last several weeks. Make no mistake, it's not a dominant unit by any means, but it's been passable.

4)Is Jason Taylor having the best defensive season in Dolphin history?

Alain: The Dolphins have had two guys win NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors in their history, Dick Anderson in 1973 and Doug Betters a decade later. Taylor really deserves to join them because he's been the best defensive player in the league this season. The best in team history? I would have to say so.

5)The Alabama job is still open. Do you think Nick Saban is still considering it?

Alain: Saban has said time and time again he's not interested in going anywhere, where his name still keeps being connected to the Bama job. Word is Alabama is refusing to take no for an answer and probably will make a huge push for Saban once the NFL regular season is over. Will Saban budge? That's a great question. I think Saban will definitely think about it longer after the season if the offer is still out there.

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