Part II with Dolphin Insider - Alain

6)The Dolphins secondary was a mess in the first Jets game. They seemed to have made a lot of progress since then . . .

Alain: Yes, they did, but then they had bad outings in the games against Jacksonville and especially Buffalo last week. As with the offensive line, this is a decent secondary at its best, but can really be bad when all the parts aren't working.

7)What type of job are the Dolphins two high-profile coordinators - Mike Mularkey and Dom Capers - doing?

Alain: With the defense being ranked third in the NFL and ranked among the league leaders in sacks, there have been nothing but kudos for Capers. Mularkey, on the other hand, has gotten his share of criticism, at times because of his penchant for using gadget plays, at other times for being too conservative. In his defense, it's not like he's got the greatest personnel to work with.

8)What are you thoughts on Cleo Lemon? Is he starting this week?

Alain: Cleo Lemon has looked very good in the preseason whenever he has played and he looked OK in the final minutes of Sunday's loss at Buffalo, but the truth is he remains a mystery because that was his first experience in an NFL regular season. As for Monday night, Nick Saban already has made it clear that Joey Harrington is the quarterback.

9)Will the Jets-Dolphins game be like a Jets home game with all the New Yorkers down there?

Alain: "Abso-freakin'-lutely." Especially with the Dolphins out of the playoffs, it's going to be worse than usual.

10)What has happened to Olindo Mare?

Alain: He just has not had a very good season when it comes to field goals. He's still tremendous on kickoffs and his onside kick against Jacksonville was a thing of beauty. But he's struggled badly on field goals, particularly long ones. His future with Miami is very much in doubt because of his performance and the fact he makes a lot of money for a kicker.

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