5 Questions with Sam Garnes

5 Questions with Sam Garnes

Q: Was there anything to these games when you played them when you were on the other side?

Garnes: Of course. I want to win this game because it's a game in your own backyard. You wan to beat whoever you're playing in your own backyard, and when you win, you'll walk around proud the rest of the season.

Q: Even though it's just a preseason game, people always remember the Jets Giants game basically.

Garnes: Definitely. I knew Jerald Sowell, and that's what he talked about all the time. That he beat us. But I always told him we beat him when it counts.

Q: How rewarding was it for you that when you left the Giants, you were quickly snatched up here?

Garnes: It was really never a question in my mind. I knew that I was injured the last two years and that there were going to be some teams out there waiting for me. I wasn't worried about that.

Q: But in terms of that team being the Jets…

Garnes: That was great. That was almost like being drafted again.

Q: Fassel had some pretty nice things to say about you yesterday…

Garnes: Yeah, and I said some nice things about him also. I really enjoyed my time there and I don't make anything of me being released. This is a job. I can't come between him and his job, and he can't come between me and my job. This is a business. Whatever happens, happens and I move on.

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