Quotes from the Game

Here's what some of the Jets starters had to say about their performance during Saturday night's route against the Giants...

 Vinny Testaverde: "I felt pretty good out there tonight. We were doing some good things and moving the ball. I thought the offensive line played very well and gave me time to throw and the receivers and Richie Anderson did a good job of creating opportunities. It was nice to get Richie into the mix and I think he's another weapon that we have. Curtis is Curtis, and he gave us a little glimpse of what he means to us with some of those runs."

 Kevin Mawae: "It felt great to be out there hitting again. We came out ready to play tonight. It was good to play a game in less than ideal conditions, because we play in weather like this during the season."

 Sam Cowart: "I've gotten into the flow of the defense. I was going full-speed last week but now I'm reacting and going ion the instincts and the plays that are called. I'm just looking for the ball now, and looking to make plays. I feel great."

 Richie Anderson: "The touchdown reception was one of those things that comes with experience. I know the field is wet and I used it to my advantage. Like I said, I credit that to a great throw by Vinny and the experience that we have in working together. Our offense is wide-open and it's exciting to be a part of it. I am excited about the things we are doing and I'm trying to contribute."

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