5 Questions with Joe Namath

The Great Joe Namath was visiting Jets Camp on Friday, and stopped to answer a few questions from the media…

Q: There's been a lot of optimism with this football team. Do you sense that just being around here today?


Namath: I do sense that and justifiably. I thought last year actually they overachieved a bit. Anytime you change your staff, new offense, new defense and make the playoffs, that's pretty remarkable. With that season under their belt, I expect them to be more efficient this year.


Q: We saw you talking to Vinny. Were you giving him any advice? I saw you waving the Super Bowl ring in front of him also.


Namath: No, no, I wasn't waving anything at all. Vinny I pull hard for just like the rest of the kids. I've known Vinny a long time, since his college days even. It's been a good day with his family over here.


Q: Are you excited about Vinny's chances of maybe getting one of those rings on his finger?


Namath: You know what? I think every football team professionally is excited. Two out of the last three years teams have gone from last place in their division to first. I think it does something for the fans out there practically everywhere. They know they can do it [and] they believe they can do it. So this time of the year is the most optimistic for all of them. But the Jets realistically have a shot. I believe that.


Q: Any guarantees. Pull one out of the hat again maybe?


Namath: I can guarantee that Herman Edwards will have these guys ready to play. That's all I can guarantee.


Q: If you thought that they overachieved last year, now that they've had a year under the system and brought in some new talent, what do you think the high end of this team could be?


Namath: Well I expect them to make the playoffs, and once you get to the playoffs it's game to game. I think the Jets have the personnel, especially now with the offseason moves and the secondary and all. I think it's going to be a better team than last year.

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