Chad Pennington's Post Game Presser

Q)What are your thoughts about making the playoffs?

Pennington: It feels good to make the post season. This is what this game is all about, playing for a championship. We are excited to have that chance.

Q)How does this feel for you after all you have been through?

Pennington: Playing this game is not a right, it's a privilege. I am blessed to play this game and I am extremely blessed to have a second chance and this opportunity. After what I have been through, I try not to take anything for granted, ever. Even though it is hard to enjoy the weeks we lost, I enjoyed working and coming in and being with the guys. That is what it is all about. I am just excited and thankful to have that opportunity.

Q)How would you compare last year to this one?

Pennington: We experienced a lot of injuries last season. This year we were able to stay healthy. Kudos to my teammates for buying into what Coach Mangini wanted us to do. He came in with a very precise plan and told us exactly how he wanted us to act, play football and go about our business. The guys bought in.

Q)Did you ever think you would get this far when you were rehabbing?

Pennington: I couldn't think that far ahead. I could only focus on the next day, the next moment because I knew how critical it was not to waste a day, a rep, a lift, a rehab session. I knew how critical it was and if I looked to far ahead I wouldn't get there. I had to take baby steps.

Q)What are your thoughts on playing on the road in the first round?

Pennington: We have confidence in ourselves that we can play in hostile environments. Different challenges, different adversities that you may have not faced before. On the road I don't know what it's going to be. None of us do. How do we respond to the adversity when it strikes now? Will you smile at it, or shy away from it?

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