A medical miracle in Dallas

NFL Football is among the most violent games in the world. Some experts theorize there is a 100 percent injury rate in Pro Football.

Basically when you play this physically taxing sport, everyone is going to have something bothering them.

The later in the year you get, the longer the injury reports usually get.

But a medical miracle has occured in Dallas. The Cowboys enter their first round playoff game against Seattle this Saturday with no players listed on their injury report.

After 20 tackle football games, four preseason and 16 regular season contests, the fact that the Cowboys don't have one injury is amazing.

But it's probably not true. It looks like Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is looking to play head games with this players. By listing no players as injured, he clearly feels this will give his team a mental edge on this opponent, Seattle, which is all banged-up, and will be without three defensive backs.

But the league mandated injury report isn't issued to help teams mentally, it's to make sure that some gamblers don't get inside information on injuries that the general public doesn't have access to.

But some teams are clearly using it for competitive reasons, and Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to put a stop to it.

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