Pennington's Post Game

Q)What are your emotions about the season ending today?

Pennington; (I'm feeling) numb. I think after a loss like this and when you've accomplished a lot of things as a team, when you overcome a lot of adversity and do some things that people didn't expect you to do, and then it all comes crashing down in 60 minutes worth of football, it's just, your numb because you don't expect it to end this way. It's definitely tough when you lose and when your season ends.

Q)What play was the turning point of the game?

Pennington: I'm sure you want me to say the fumble. Our defense did a good job of holding them to a field goal. There's not one [play]. I don't think there's ever one, not unless it comes down to the last series of the last drive and you're tied. In this game, there's probably four or five. If you look at the stats, the three things that stick out to me most, first of all is third down efficiency, they were better than us in that area. Secondly is the red zone efficiency, they were better than us in that area. And then time of possession, they had seven more minutes of possession than we did. So those three things, you win those three categories, normally you win the game.

Q)You guys have to settle for three field goals in the red zone. What was the problem?

Pennington: There's a reason why the Patriots set a franchise record for scoring in a season – they've given up maybe 15 points a game, I believe. There's a reason for that. The reason is they have the ability to play defense in the red zone and still stop the run with their front seven. That's why they're so good. They don't have to blitz. They don't have to leave receivers one-on-one to get an extra rusher against the passer. They can take their front seven, stop the run and then play all their combo coverages and defend down there. It's very hard to get it in there.

Q)What happened on the lateral play?

Pennington: It's tough, sometimes when you throw that ball it's not a lateral, sometimes it is a lateral. It all depends on if you're trying to throw around somebody, it depends on different things. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown that ball in college and that's the first time that's ever happened to me – for it to be tipped and ruled as a fumble. I have to learn from it and whether it's a lateral or not you need to recover it and not give the refs the chance to make that decision.

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