Parcells departure helps Jets

The retirement of of Dallas coach Bill Parcells is good news for the Jets.

The future Hall-of-Fame coach stepped down from his head coaching position in Dallas on Monday.

He is going to retire to homes in Saratoga Springs, New York and Jupiter, Florida. He will probably get a part-time broadcasting gig, and perhaps dabble in horse-raising and minor league baseball.

So how would Parcells retirement help the Jets?

Well, one reason is he won't be on the sidelines when the Jets visit Dallas next year for a regular season contest.

But more importantly, he can serve as an amazing consultant to the team'a personnel department.

Parcells is very, very close to Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who he affectionately calls Mr. T.. Remember Tannenbaum was the Jets cap guy during Parcells tenure as the team's head coach from 1997-2000. They are like family to each other.

During Parcells time in Dallas, he and Tannenbaum would constantly talk on the phone. Even though Parcells worked for the Cowboys the last few seasons, according to an NFL source, Tannenbaum still sought out the legendary coach for advice regarding the Jets, especially in 2006, Tannenbaum's first year as Jets GM.

Who wouldn't want to pick Parcells brain about the NFL? He's considered a football genius. And Tannenbaum is open to all great ideas. He doesn't fashion himself a know-it-all.

And Parcells loves helping Tannenbaum whenever he can.

Remember when the Jets made the trade with Dallas for tight end Sean Ryan last August. That was Parcells throwing Tannenbaum a bone. The Jets desperately needed a #2 tight end with blocking skills.

But Parcells could only give his helpful sage advice to Tannenbaum on a limited basis, with all his responsibilities in Dallas. Now he is going to have a lot of free time, and will look to help Tannenbaum whenever he needs assistance.

This will be great for the Jets. While Parcells won't take a job for the team, he will probably end up being a terrific clandestine consultant for the organization.

After coaching the last three years in Dallas, Parcells knows a heck of lot about the current player personnel around the league, and will lend this expertise to Tannenbaum, whenever he needs it.

And this should be a major boon to the Jets, especially in their effort to improve their 3-4 front. Parcells is one of the foremost experts on this defense.

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