Quotes from the Game

 Herm Edwards: "I think Chad made some good plays. That long ball to Ataveus was a really nice throw and he made a nice catch. Our first unit did a nice job. We didn't score but we moved the ball. The defense did a nice job, but they're going to run tomorrow. They got off in eight or nine plays, but they are definitely going to run. I think Anthony [Becht] is a good player, but he needs to be more consistent."

 Sam Cowart: "I think we went out and showed the enthusiasm we needed to show tonight. It's the final tune-up and the defense is not just the starters, but the second and third team guys as well."

 Kareem McKenzie: "I think we've (offensive line) done well so far this preseason. We learned to play together, but it's still the preseason. I'm ready to get out there and do something when it counts."

Ataveus Cash (on the 36-yard TD reception): "It was a perfect throw from Chad [Pennington]. The pass hit me right in stride. The offensive line obviously did a great job and gave him time to throw the pass. It was a great call from upstairs and I feel blessed to have made a play and scored a touchdown."




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