The Verdict's In

Herman Edwards and the Jets did not need until tomorrow's 4:00 p.m. deadline to decide on their seven remaining cuts.


The cuts were announced this evening and are as follows:

 WR Ataveus Cash

LB Joe Cooper

T-G Dan Goodspeed

QB Todd Husak

TE Daniel Wilcox

RB  Little John Flowers

G Faaesea Mailo

The Jets elected to go with Cal-Davis rookie and tight end convert Chris Smith over the more experienced Goodspeed, a move that came as a surprise to many. Goodspeed was on the 49er's practice squad last season, and played in the XFL. Smith will join Jumbo Elliott as the only backup tackles on the team.

Husak and Wilcox have a good chance of rejoining the Jets as practice squad players… Edwards decided to keep both rookie cornerbacks Marcus Floyd and Andrew Davison. Mike Westhoff was high on Floyd, and his special team abilities were what put him on the team… Edwards stuck to his word of holding the best players available as opposed to holding players at each position. He kept 11 defensive lineman. You can expect the Jets to try and make a trade of some sort involving some of these linemen.

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